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About Us

05/06/2017 6:06 AM

AiSERP.com is the personal SEO platform of the BrandPlease team. AiSERP was launched as we didnt need the full "ageny" level of tools (as amazizing as they are) or able to afford the cost of getting access to the few we reall needed. We found several SAAS services - many good, several nightmares - so we launched our own. 

We starting sharing, as we are pround of the work, access to AISERP with some collegues. It got great feedback. 

Next we decided to make our SEO tools available to all our clients, which we do & a far more extensive package (ask us for details, if interewsted). Our clients loved it. Our clients asked if they could share with thier clients - well, of course!. It grew from there.

We dont sell AiSERP access or services, we dont contact users (really ever - maybe for downtime alerts in the future), we just want to make the basic tools available, and hopefully help out.

We encourage you (Especially Domain Investors) to check out & use tools like Blacklist Checker - to make sure names are not coming with problems, like being blacklisted as spam site.












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